recruiting sports videos


    •    Video skills

    •    Show technique

    •    Recording talent

    •    Film strength

    •    Reveal playing style

    •    Capture coachability

    •    Show determination

    •    Reveal personality



  • CREATE branding

  • Film unique customer service 

  • Reveal business model

  • Video staff and equipment

  • Show Unique location and signage

  • Highlight inventory and layout

Youth sports stories

    •    Live game filming

    •    Tournament storyline

    •    A teams " journey"©

    •    Coaching highlights

    •    Players progress


Family moments

    •    Editing existing home videos

    •    One day of a family's journey™

    •    Grandparent ancestry interview©

    •    Family reunions

    •    Birthday parties

    •    Graduation 

Our story:

    My wife Stephanie and I grew up in different parts of the country, but shared the same dream, which was to play our sport at the highest level our abilities would allow us to reach. Our paths where much different in some ways, and similar in others.              Stephanie was being heavily recruited after becoming the Indiana Junior Golf State Champ(1984). She accepted a full-ride golf scholarship at D1 Purdue University (1985-89'). Stephanie was awarded athlete of the year, and MVP two of the four years as she was the number 1 seed on her team. Before she got her Masters Degree in Education, and taught public school for 17 years, she spent two years(1991-92') playing on the Professional Futures Women's Golf Tour.

    I played soccer at D3 Andrew college (1981-82'). It was a very good fit for me. I was able to keep up academically, and play a key role in the success of my college soccer program. After college I found my competitive juices fulfilled and ready for new challenges in life. 

    Believe it or not Stephie and I met coaching Little League baseball. Sports continue to be a big part of our everyday life.

James C Thomas


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